Therapy is a way to deepen understanding and self-acceptance, and this leads to healing.

When we suffer from feelings related to grief or loss, from unsatisfying relationships in the past or present, or from wishing to have more joy in our lives—therapy can be a powerful step toward healing and relief. Having a safe place and a compassionate person with whom to share our grief, our critical or frightening thoughts, and our longings can help enormously. I work in a relational, supportive, and collaborative way to help people move from anxiety, trauma, depression and problems with relationships to a place of increased trust, safety, and satisfaction.

I have a deep reverence for the ability of humans of all ages to creatively adapt to very trying circumstances. Sometimes though, we adapt too much to our environments—and in the process we give up or lose parts of ourselves. Other times, life transitions of all sorts can overwhelm our powers to adapt and may leave us feeling stuck, isolated, or hopeless.

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